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Hidden Springs
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Hidden Springs:  The Tarricone's Land in the Banner Springs area of Fentress County Tennessee on the Cumberland Plateau.  Below are some pictures for you to enjoy.

The Pond

Pond Fall 2004.jpg (792966 bytes)


Picture 005.jpg (215801 bytes)

12/2002.  The pond is almost full!

Picture 019.jpg (171553 bytes)

12/2002.  Reflections...

Water.jpg (95463 bytes)

6/1/2002  We have running water!

Pond05032002.jpg (88237 bytes)


pond042802.jpg (82792 bytes)


dam04282002.jpg (115871 bytes)

The dam with new grass 4/28/02.

pond104282002.jpg (110657 bytes)

Lots of water left to go in the pond 4/28/02.


The Clear Fork River

River0302a.jpg (574695 bytes)

2/2003.  The river in the winter.

River0302.jpg (540199 bytes)

2/2003.  The river in the winter.

river.jpg (126869 bytes)

Winter on the river Feb 2002

Picture 014.jpg (197856 bytes)

12/02.  Looking upstream from the swimming hole!

Picture 013.jpg (188231 bytes)

12/02 - The swimming hole

The Views from the Overlook

bluffview1.jpg (176720 bytes) Picture 010.jpg (173847 bytes) Picture 011.jpg (260290 bytes) Picture 018.jpg (114419 bytes)  

Hidden Springs

Picture 017.jpg (171288 bytes) Picture 016.jpg (184266 bytes)      

The Bluffs and Waterfalls

waterfall2.jpg (807818 bytes) TarriconePaulMichele.jpg (526123 bytes)      
Ice0302.jpg (434715 bytes)

2/2003.  Giant Ice Sculptures.


ice0302a.jpg (407187 bytes) cliffs.jpg (74279 bytes)

Some of the Bluffs from below

waterfall1.jpg (136809 bytes) waterfall2.jpg (173708 bytes)

The Compound and building site

2004_0820Image0004.JPG (782734 bytes) Picture 006.jpg (289862 bytes)

The luxurious camper.

Picture 001.jpg (231331 bytes)

12/2002.  Looking down the property line.

Picture 002.jpg (229851 bytes)

12/2002.  The "driveway"



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