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Wildlife Geysers Waterfalls Scenery

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We traveled to Yellowstone on June 6, 2000 and arrived in West Yellowstone Montana late Tuesday night after flights thru Cincinnati, Salt Lake, and Jackson.  Wednesday am we rented our car and drove into the park. We spent Wednesday looking at wildlife and thermal stuff on our way to Old Faithful Inn.  We also took a long hike to a great waterfall and geysers.  Stayed at the Old Faithful Inn, which is very historic, but kind of dorm like with a shared bathroom.  Each evening you get a drink from the bar and sit on the patio and watch Old Faithful erupt.  The weather was excellent; sunny and cool.  We ate at various places in the park and found the food to be below average.  The crowds were very small and nonexistent in most places; this is a great time to visit.

We spent the next two days in the park seeing lots of wild life and more thermal stuff.  We also saw a dozen awesome waterfalls.  One of the high/low lights was getting stuck in a traffic jam of buffalo where we had to move along at bison speed among 50 or more of these monsters.

We drove down to Grand Teton on Saturday and checked into our cabin, which was very nice with a fireplace and  private bath.  We spent the two days looking for wildlife, hiking, and enjoying the incredible scenery.  We ate at various places in the Tetons and found the food to be excellent.  We never saw a black or grizzly bear, but saw tons of other wildlife.  As we left for home it was raining.

It was one of the best vacations we've ever been on; enjoy the pictures. These are just a few of dozens more.

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