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Oak Ridge House
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The progress of construction of Mom and Dad's new house in Oak Ridge will be tracked on this web page.  Click on any of the thumbnail pictures to see more details.

053101a.jpg (60576 bytes)

5/31/01.  Inside shaping up.  Cabinets and Pergo are in. Light fixtures and ceramic tile installed.  Ceilings/walls painted.

053101b.jpg (56167 bytes)

5/31/01.  Inside shaping up.

wpe4.jpg (80244 bytes)

5/18/01. Garage side; there's even a sprinkler system!

wpe2.jpg (85993 bytes)

5/18/01. Final paint, porch, sod, and landscaping.

0428Driveway.jpg (215800 bytes)

4/28/01.  The driveway and trees planted between the split.

0428Side.jpg (185288 bytes)

04/28/01. Front view from other side.

0428backofhouse.JPG (189822 bytes)

4/28/01. Back of house.  Two windows on left are master bedroom. Skylight into master bath.

0428greatroom.JPG (163543 bytes)

4/28/01.  View from garage entry door into kitchen and great room.  Look at all the Windows!

0428Front.jpg (201981 bytes)

4/28/01. First coat of paint and roofed.  Look Ma no dormer!

20010406.jpg (108135 bytes)

4/6/01 - Front.  Lots of progress in one day.

20010405front.jpg (97851 bytes)

4/5/01 - Front.  The roof is on almost here.

20010405side.jpg (114763 bytes)

4/5/01 - Side.  Looking into the massive garage and rest of house.

20010405inside.jpg (106924 bytes)

4/5/01 - Inside.  Kitchen/Great Room, can't you tell..

20010331garage.jpg (98153 bytes)

3/31/2001 - The Garage! It's big and has two windows...

20010331.jpg (65571 bytes)

3/31/2001 - The Floor Joist.  Len said the Engineers in the Family would love the size of this beam!

20010323.JPG (187512 bytes)

3/23/2001 - The Walls!  In one day, the exterior walls go up.

20010322.JPG (99339 bytes)

3/22/2001 - The Bricks.  The brick foundation goes up in a day!

20010313f.jpg (117482 bytes)

3/13/2001 -  The foundation is in!

20010313g.jpg (114075 bytes)

3/13/2001 -  Here's the garage!

20000306lot.jpg (88395 bytes)

3/6/2001 - The Lot.  The foundation is being dug!  And you can see the foundation bricks.

20000306view.jpg (114263 bytes)

3/6/2001 - The View.  The mountains can be seen to the north. 

20010220a.jpg (81696 bytes)

2/20/2001 - The Lot.  No construction yet; house next door is finishing up.  This is the view to the east-northeast.

20010220b.jpg (80542 bytes)

2/20/2001 - The neighborhood viewed from the cul-de-sac; some houses built, several under construction, several lots sold and a few left.

The sold sign.

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